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Clarity Counts: Exceptional Leaders Seek Clarity in Decision Making 

Leaders make decisions every day. Most believe they make good decisions. When things are going smoothly, decisions are focused on protecting the status quo. Then something significant happens: revenues stall, financials show losses, clients leave, good employees take better jobs elsewhere. Now these leaders are stuck. They thought they had clarity about their situation.

Why do some leaders struggle with decisions or create plans that fail? What is it that limits their ability to achieve the success they envision? The answer is they do not have clarity when they are making their decisions. To achieve clarity, they need to shift their mindset to approach decisions like an exceptional leader.

The difference between a good leader and an exceptional one is how they approach their decision making. Exceptional leaders focus their efforts to gain clarity and gather the information they need to make critical decisions.

In this thought-provoking white paper, management consultant, Jill Johnson, provides clarity about what it takes to become an exceptional leader.

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