With Jill Johnson’s results-oriented insights, you and your attendees will:

  • Gain the clarity you need to thrive.
  • Develop the edge to keep you successful in these tumultuous times.
  • Understand the market forces shaping your future success.
  • Learn the thought leadership Jill shares with her consulting clients.

The value of Jill’s speaking? 

You and your attendees will make better decisions and achieve real results.

DONE LOGOS - Jill Media Logo Slides - Logo Composite -CROPPEDJill Johnson is an accomplished speaker who has given hundreds of speeches to corporations, trade associations, as well as to numerous business and professional organizations. She has also been featured as a Thought Leader in many media outlets.

Whether she’s speaking to senior executives or addressing a group of young adults, Jill brings her extensive professional experience and unique voice to deliver presentations that offer substance with style.


Jill will custom tailor her speaking content to meet your specific needs!   

She is also available for special presentations via webinars or doing other remote presentations for you.

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For information on booking Jill Johnson to speak at your event:


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Jill speaks on a wide variety of topics ranging from Decision-Making to Strategic Thinking to Confidence.


Descriptions of Jill’s Most Popular Programs:


Decision MakingStrategic ThinkingStrategic PlansTarget MarketingComplex SalesLeadershipConfidenceProductivityAssertiveness

Clarity Counts – The Key to Confident Decision Making

Some people easily assess all angles of a decision while others freeze with indecision. The critical difference between the two is the ability to get clarity. Effective decision makers understand the impact of each facet of the decision at hand and assess the real situation. They focus on the very heart of the decision rather than get lost in the extraneous aspects of an issue and obtain candid information about their true situation. As an award-winning management consultant who has worked in the board rooms, back rooms and executive suites to assist clients in making more than $3 billion worth of business decisions, Jill Johnson knows what it takes to get clarity. Jill will share the vital characteristics of effective decision makers and show you how you can become one too.

Learning Objectives:

  • Avoid the 5 critical flaws when assessing decision assumptions
  • Apply 3 breakthrough strategies when you are frozen with indecision
  • Evaluate the influence of advisors and how to bring the best ones into your deliberations

Strategic Thinking – Making Yourself Valuable to Your C-Suite

Your C-Suite is under tremendous pressure to perform in today’s challenging economic environment. Senior executives need to ensure that all of their team members and corporate assets are in proper alignment to meet operational and financial needs. This workshop will help you identify the critical strategic information your C-Suite needs from you to help you focus your critical thinking and efforts on the things they value – no matter what level you are at in your organization. You will learn how to leverage your technical knowledge to provide strategic insight. This focus on bigger picture issues will shift your role in your organization from a support function to a true business asset. You will also learn how to more effectively shape your communication in the language of the C-Suite about the issues that matter the most to them.

Learning Objectives:

  • Determine how to identify the critical strategic information your C-Suite needs from you
  • Understand how to leverage your technical knowledge into strategic insight that will shift your role from a support function to a critical business asset
  • Better communicate your strategic value more effectively by using the language of your C-suite

Market Forces – Setting Your Strategic Direction in Uncertain Times

The greatest challenge facing businesses today is the increasing complexity brought about by the changing dynamics of our nation’s social, political and economic environment. Strategic planning no longer can rely on a facilitated and fun discussion of your wishes and dreams for the future. Effective planning in a turbulent period requires a market-based approach that engages in a deep assessment of your business environment. Jill’s thought-provoking presentation will show you how to assess your assumptions and understand the market forces at play that will determine your ability to survive and thrive. Jill will provide practical insights to help you avoid common planning mistakes and obtain the information you really need. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the key variables in the environment that impact strategic planning
  • Learn how to translate those variables into the strategic planning process
  • Use demographic information to evaluate strategic choices

Target Marketing – Enhancing Your Sales & Marketing Effectiveness

The marketing activities for your business should work to position your organization as a provider of a specific product or service. Target marketing is an approach that can turn challenges created by our complex economy into an opportunity to better achieve your business goals and sell to clients who generate real profits. Jill Johnson is an expert in the development of marketing strategies targeted toward unique customers with complex buying decisions. She will explain the 8 elements of target marketing that you can use to segment your customers. You will understand how to begin the process of target marketing by doing deep data-mining of your own customer segments. You will also learn to assess how your target markets impact purchasing decisions and help move them more effectively through their buying process.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the 8 types of ways to segment your target market
  • Understand how to incorporate data-mining to obtain better information about your customers
  • Consider how your target markets impact purchasing decisions and influence buying behavior

Strategic Selling in Complex Sales

Selling in a complex sales situation requires deep consumer insight that is matched to decision triggers and communications strategies. Complex sales involve a multifaceted blend of matching your unique offerings with the competing concerns of multiple decision influencers and stakeholders. Effective sales people in understand that a one-size fits all approach is no longer effective. They adjust their communication approach to match their buyer’s unique needs and interests – not just to highlight general features and benefits. In this session, you will learn how to strategically influence the multiple decision points that you have with your prospects and how you can better leverage this insight into your sales efforts. Jill Johnson is an expert in the development of marketing strategies that target unique customers segments involved in complex buying decisions. She will explain the key elements of target marketing that you can use to develop customer profiles of your best prospects. You will learn how to break your clients into identifiable groups and develop tactics to move your leads move effectively though their decision continuum.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify how to segment your target market so you can develop your own key customer profiles
  • Understand how to utilize probing questions to allow you to more rapidly identify the decision profiles of your prospect so you can better anticipate what it will take to move them through their decision process
  • Learn how to strategically influence the multiple decision points that you have with your prospects and better match your promotional tactics to move your leads though their decision continuum

Enduring Enterprises – The Essential Strategies for Achieving Longevity

While most executives and entrepreneurs feel ready to embrace the risks of leadership of a business, non-profit organization or small business, few understand that those who lead enterprises that sustain success over the long-term are different. Leaders of enduring enterprises both big and small do more than just dream about their future because they know they have the drive, and discipline to make their vision of success a reality. Leaders who create enterprises that last well beyond their leadership tenure are always looking ahead to identify the other tools, resources, ideas and technology they can access to enhance their organizational success. Jill Johnson’s insightful presentation will provide you with practical strategies to help you understand and develop the four character traits that will enhance your leadership ability to build an enduring enterprise. She will share with you what you need to implement immediately to boost your potential for building a business or organization that stands the test of time.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the 4 character traits you need to develop to build an enduring enterprise
  • Discuss how to leverage your talent, operational capabilities and cash reserves to more effectively manage business transitions
  • Leverage real market information to identify, adapt and leverage evolving trends

Confidence Compounds – The Impact of Boldly Seizing Opportunities

One of the most significant leadership skills to develop is confidence. Confidence allows you to have impact far beyond your title or level within your organization. Jill Johnson has risen from modest beginnings to earn wide acclaim. She has personally influenced more than $3 billion worth of business decisions and advises CEOs, C-Suite executives, and government officials at the highest levels of power in both state and federal government. Jill believes it has been her disciplined focus on seeking and accepting bold opportunities that has built her confidence to reach for these high rungs of impact. In this dynamic presentation, you will take away strategies you can implement immediately to help you identify, enhance and believe in your own leadership abilities. You will understand how the compounded impact of small bold actions that don’t take a lot of time can morph into amazing opportunities with the potential to transform your future.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand how to create opportunities to increase your visibility
  • Take calculated risks to enhance your leadership potential
  • Develop specific goals targeted to advance your career

Moments Matter – Strategically Maximizing Your Productivity

We are all beyond busy these days and it is nearly impossible to achieve any semblance of a work-life balance. As our businesses continue to operate in a lean fashion, time has become our most precious resource. Jill Johnson looks at time differently than most people because she has been selling time for more than 20 years. As a management consultant who handles complex consulting projects and still has time for leadership activities, volunteer commitments, as well as family and friends, Jill knows secrets to getting the most of out of your day and your team. In this dynamic workshop, you will take away strategies you can implement immediately to help you more effectively optimize your time to be more productive and maintain your sanity.

Learning Objectives:

  • Recognize and handle time wasters
  • Learn effective techniques and strategies for prioritizing tasks
  • Identify opportunities for maximizing your schedule

Six Signs You Are Not Assertive Enough (and What to Do About It)

In today’s competitive world, those who achieve success make things happen and have developed the ability to be assertive. Regardless of your background, professional position or area of expertise, there are actions you can implement to boost your assertiveness and take control of your destiny.  If your goals include a promotion, increasing your income or leading your next meeting more effectively, being assertive can be the key to making those goals a reality. Jill will share the six signs that confirm whether you need an assertiveness fix, four key actions that can be implemented immediately to boost your assertiveness and success stories of those who have recognized and adapted change in their professional assertiveness.  Jill’s insights will have a positive impact on your career and your life.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the 6 signs that reflect you are not assertive enough
  • Understand the 4 actions that you can immediately implement so you stop fading into the background
  • Learn the value of preparation as a tool for building confidence